Friday, May 27, 2011

Grandma Lucy's Artisan

So this afternoon I am off to pickup Kitteh n' Puppeh food at my favorite place, Mary Ann's Natural Pet in Florence, OR.  Low in behold she's out of the beloved Taste of the Wild Manna my babies so happily nom.  No fears, it will be in Tuesday.  YAY!  So looking around I spied this lovely lil bag of freeze dried grain free goodness.  Hmmmmms... Grandma Lucy's .  This bright happy yellow bag during the day of dreary yeck poo rain.  I nipped it from it's resting place and trotted to the counter.  "Tell me a bit about this?"  

Now Miss Mary Ann ( not sure if she's Miss., Ms. or Mrs. so I'll stick with Miss to be safe ) she is one of the best people I can possibly think of to ask any sort of question of when it comes to feeding, supplements and the like.  A wealth of know how and willing to share it.  My favorite kind of person to just listen to if given the chance to stand there and hear how this or that works. 

So .. yes the lil 3lb bag that makes approx 17 lbs of fresh food took a 25 mile ride home with me.  
Who wants words when we have PICTURES .. yay for visuals.  :) 
 Artisan Chicken Freeze-Dried/ Grain-Free ( me likey grain free!! )

Big chunks of chicki.  I broke them up as I saw them since I am "adding" this into the kibble I feed at night.  They don't need chunks but I was glad to see them there.  Yay chunks of chicki goodness!

6 lil Weena bowls.. 

One of these bowls is not like the other.  By "accident" I picked up another bowl that I thought was the same but when I got home had realized my mistake.  But it's a cute mistake since it's a teeny dog and Mishka is a teeny weenie.  :)

Le' bits ... pre-water

Le' bits ... post water ( for those interested in trying this out I "feel" and this is just me that this is VERY potato based and would be better as a "added" yum factor. But then this was my first try out of it as a "add in" and not a whole dinner item.

Yon wee kibbums added. 

The nom festivities ...  From left to right in order of "butt" appearance and in what order they get their bowls...
Shiloh, Molly, Toby, BeBe, Kai and Mishka ( blind boy is special he goes first )

Licked clean.. 

Final thoughts..  When I added the warm water this LOVELY aroma wafted up.  I only placed a tablespoon into each bowl as they each get 1/4th kibbie grain free at night.  It's always nice to sleep on a pleasantly full tummy.  The bag calls for 5-10lbs Average dog gets 3/4 to 1 1/4 cup.  It smelled as what I can best described as thanksgiving dinner scents all mixed into one.  Lovely.  ( I was tempted to try it. )

The Weens usually will lick their bowls after I add Sojos ( just the veggie/fruit one ) at night but they don't lick them clean.  The bowls were spotless upon closer inspection.

As I mentioned before this does seem to be heavier on the potato flake but as an addition to kibbie I think it was an excellent treat.  

$21.49 a bag was quite reasonable when you consider what other similar types of food like this run.  

I will buy it again. 
( if only just to smell Thanksgiving dinner nightly )


  1. Such cute bowls and what a great picture of all your furbabies eating. That bag of food sounds interesting. I will have to check it out.

  2. OMC that looks good enough to eat. How do you keep the kitties from partaking? MOL

    Mom and I smiled when we saw 6 happy Doxie 'tocks enjoying their din din and we might add they have very good manners.

    Great pictures,
    Madi and Mom

  3. Amy Ann .... those lovely bowls are Dollar Tree bowls. $1 a pop. Can't beat that! :)

    Madi and Mom ... You know the kitteh's don't eat wet food as a rule ( treat times occasionally ) so they could have cared less. :) Those good manners are all a big facade I tell you. Big fakers the lot of them. I was so lucky to get all 6 of them in a row. Usually one is done and away they go. :)

  4. Sure you found a yummilicious food for them!
    I love to see them in a row enjoying their meal!
    We don't have those special things here. But my grandma cooks my chicken and veggies every day!
    Happy weekend!
    Kisses and hugs


    i'm gonna hafta ask mom and dad if i can have something like that!


  6. oooh, i might need to look into that more. bax seems to have less eye goobers when he gets the addition of salmon/herring in a can rather than the turkeyveg stuff. everyone looks so happy n cute! hard to believe that you pack as doubled since we've known each other!! :)

  7. Kalyx... have you tried just giving him a Fish oil pill as supplement? They work wonders and make their coats sooooooo very pretty. :)

    I know eh? It's all one lil red smooths fault too. She started it. I blame Molly. *wink*

  8. What da heck??????? You added 3 more doxies to your pack? Oh dears, I has been away furs way too long. Dis will not happen again!

    Seriously, dat stuff looks so deeeelish! We has nevers seen it befores...but my gosh I needs some!

    Read your comment bouts da fish oil. My mum gots some Salmon oil fur Whitney cuz her hair is in such bad shape. Haven't seen any improvements yet but hers hasn't been on it dat long...we are hoping fur a miracle though.


  9. Puddles .... they are like dust bunnies. They multiply when you're not paying attention. :)
    I sent your Mum a note via e-mail about the oil.
    Xo's Sarah

  10. Hi Hannalie, Guess WHAT??? I have a whole STACK of those exact same bowls!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD stuffs gets put in them.. RIGHT???

  11. Frankie ... Mmmhmmm!! Only good nibbly om nom noms go into those bowls. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my lil Weens diets so that it's not only excellent for them, it's tasty goodness too. :) Xo's!

  12. Wow, you have a house full!! LOL Bet there is never a dull moment at your house, with that many fur babies. :)