Thursday, August 19, 2010


On the ride home in a doggy bed my heart had less of a hole left in it as I looked at you laying there so soft, ginger and inviting touch, tickles and kisses. 

I felt very unsure about how my heart would deal with this little marmalade boy as he is so close to my heart baby Tigger in looks but then his eyes closed and for me that meant forever because he felt secure.

So relaxed you were my heart melted.  You are mine for I am yours.

When I look at you sometimes I cry.  Not for bad reasons.  You just remind me so much of my Mr. P.  I loved him dearly and seeing a small likeness of him makes me happy and helps me remember what once was a bit more clearly.   You wont replace him but you will help make my world a much happier place.  

Finnegan ... Gotcha Day 8/17/2010
Cost:   Free
Worth:  Priceless